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Wild Ferns products we are now positioned at approximately 7/10 on a "Man-made – Natural" scale, with 1 being 100% manufactured and 10 being 100% natural. We have endeavoured to bring the end consumer the best of both worlds – natural, uniquely New Zealand key ingredients and an affordable pricing structure. It is important to us that we used naturally derived ingredients as much as possible. This glossary describes all of these additional key natural ingredients found in our skincare products; and why they are so good for your skin.

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Passionflower has a light texture, is rich in Vitamin C and has a high content of essential fatty acids making it a valuable contribution in products intended to nourish the skin and treat dry skin conditions. Also known for its fragrance, Passionflower was traditionally used as a calming herb, and is still useful as a soothing sleep aid.


Placenta rejuvenates and regenerates the skin leaving it silky and smooth. Placenta stimulates the repair of sun damaged and wrinkled skin. Non greasy and easily absorbed, placenta is rich in life giving proteins to help stimulate blood flow. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissue. Helps reduce depth of wrinkles, aids tissue repair and reduces skin blemishes.


Prosina is based on a hydrolysed Keratin derived from sheep’s wool, and combines properties that improve the structure and strength of the nails, while increasing the hydration and elasticity of dry skin. This leads to the visible improvement in the texture of the skin.