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Wild Ferns products we are now positioned at approximately 7/10 on a "Man-made – Natural" scale, with 1 being 100% manufactured and 10 being 100% natural. We have endeavoured to bring the end consumer the best of both worlds – natural, uniquely New Zealand key ingredients and an affordable pricing structure. It is important to us that we used naturally derived ingredients as much as possible. This glossary describes all of these additional key natural ingredients found in our skincare products; and why they are so good for your skin.

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Elastin is a protein found in the connective tissue and fibres of the middle layer of the skin. It is responsible for the springiness and suppleness of the skin – helping it to return to its original position after being poked or pinched. The amount of natural elastin in the skin tends to deplete, and is no longer renewed as people age, which results in less supple skin and the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

EPO (Evening Primrose Oil)

Helps improve the sag and ageing of the skin by adding strength and flexibility. A highly moisturising emollient oil helps clear blemishes, soothing skin irritations and softening lines. Maintaining the skin’s softness, EPO refines skin texture and restores suppleness which helps to prevent dehydration. EPO helps the natural condition of the skin, and is especially beneficial to particularly dry skin.